CGConnect is an off-the-shelf solution that enables remote view and control of any autonomous vehicle in Cloud Ground Control via 4G/5G cellular networks.

CGConnect key features:

  • Plug & Play - Multiple camera HD streams (HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet)

  • Strict security standards - End-To-End Encryption.

  • Simple & Affordable

  • Size & Weight : 113 x 66 x 23 mm / 118 g

To configure, manage and control your autonomous vehicle, use Cloud Ground Control.

Cloud Ground Control has an intuitive, modern UI for a web-based ground station.

It is sensor agnostic, extendible via SDK and can be completely white-labelled.

Simply log in through the web browser.

How it Works

  • CGConnect runs custom firmware developed by Advanced Navigation.

  • It can be quickly and easily mounted on any autonomous vehicle, replacing or in addition to its existing point-to-point data links (Radio).

  • CGConnect uses a Micro SIM card to connect to the global 4G/5G network, and is easily configured for use in the Web UI

  • Once connected to the vehicles' Autopilot system, it sends all telemetry and/or video data from the vehicle to Cloud Ground Control Servers.

  • All data transmitted is secured and End-To-End encrypted.

  • The Cloud Ground Control Web UI at enables the configuration, management and control of autonomous vehicles via a web browser.

  • Upon login to Cloud Ground Control, you can plan a mission or monitor the vehicles' live telemetry and video stream.

  • Cloud Ground control can support over 100 active vehicles and has global coverage!

System Diagram

Cloud Ground Control and CGConnect System Diagram